Button is used for actions, like in forms, while Link is used for destinations, or moving from one page to another.

In special cases where you'd like to use a <a> styled like a Button, use <Button as='a'> and provide an href.

To create a button group, wrap Button elements in the ButtonGroup element. ButtonGroup gets the same props as Box.

Default examples

<ButtonDanger>Button Danger</ButtonDanger>
<ButtonOutline>Button Outline</ButtonOutline>
<ButtonPrimary>Button Primary</ButtonPrimary>

<ButtonGroup display='block' my={2}>

System props

Button and ButtonGroup components get COMMON system props. Read our System Props doc page for a full list of available props.

Component props


Prop nameTypeDefaultDescription
asStringbuttonsets the HTML tag for the component
disabledBooleansets the disabled attribute on the Button
onClickFunctionfunction to be called when Button is clicked
sizeStringuse sm for a small Button, or large for a large Button


ButtonGroup has access to the same props as Box

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