The Dropdown component is a lightweight context menu for housing navigation and actions.

Dropdown.Menu wraps your menu content. Be sure to pass a direction prop to this component to position the menu in relation to the Dropdown.Button.

Default example

<Dropdown title="Dropdown">
  <Dropdown.Menu direction='sw'>
    <Dropdown.Item>Item 1</Dropdown.Item>
    <Dropdown.Item>Item 2</Dropdown.Item>
    <Dropdown.Item>Item 3</Dropdown.Item>

System props

Dropdown, Dropdown.Menu, and Dropdown.Item all get COMMON system props. Read our System Props doc page for a full list of available props.

Component props


directionString'sw'Sets the direction of the dropdown menu.
titleStringSets the text inside of the button


No additional props.


No additional props.

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