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The basic Subhead consists of a .Subhead container, which has a light gray bottom border. Use .Subhead-heading for the heading itself. It is styled as an <h2> sized heading with normal font-weight.

Use a heading element whenever possible as they can be used as navigation for assistive technologies, and avoid skipping levels.

To add a top margin to the Subhead, use .Subhead--spacious. This is useful for separating sections on a settings page.

You can add a one line description to the subhead with .Subhead-description.

For longer descriptions, it is recommended that you use a paragraph below the Subhead.

You can add a button or something to the right of .Subhead-heading with the .Subhead-actions element.

Use all the elements together to create a Subhead with actions and a description.

Use the .Subhead-heading--danger modifier to make the text bold and red. This is useful for warning users.

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