Primer CSS’s layout includes basic page containers and a single-tiered, fraction-based grid system. That sounds more complicated than it really is though—it’s just containers, rows, and columns.

You can find all the below styles in _layout.scss.


Center your page’s contents with a .container.

The container applies width: 980px; and uses horizontal margins to center it.


How it works

The grid is pretty standard—you create rows with .columns and individual columns with a column class and fraction class. Here’s how it works:

  • Add a .container to encapsulate everything and provide ample horizontal gutter space.
  • Create your outer row to clear the floated columns with <div class="columns">.
  • Add your columns with individual <div class="column">s.
  • Add your fractional width classes to set the width of the columns (e.g., .one-fourth).

In practice, your columns will look like the example below.


Columns can be centered by adding .centered to the .column class.

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