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Deprecation data

On this page

As of version 12.7.0, we publish CSS selector and SCSS variable deprecation data (as of 14.0.0) with @primer/css. You can access the data via the Node API or as JSON.

To deprecate a class, variable, or mixin, add the element to the deprecations.js file with it's replacement value.

The replacement can be:

  • A String for a direct replacement.
  • An Array for multiple replacement options.
  • null to indicate there is no replacement.

This could look something like this:

const deprecations = {
"deprecated-1": "replacement",
"deprecated-2": ["replacement-1", "replacement-2"],
"deprecated-3": null


The JSON data is available in the unpacked node module's dist/deprecations.json, and is an object with the following structure:

"selectors" {...},
"variables": {...},
"mixins": {...}
  • selectors is an object mapping CSS selectors to their replacements. If the replacement is an Array, then there's multiple options. If the replacement is null then there are no replacements.

    "selectors": {
    "deprecated-class": "replacement-class"
  • variables is an object mapping SCSS variables to their replacement SCSS variable.

    "variables": {
    "$deprecated-variable": "$replacement-variable"
  • mixins is an object mapping SCSS mixins to their replacement SCSS mixins.

    "mixins": {
    "deprecated-mixin": "replacement-mixin"


The Node API for selector deprecations is available at @primer/css/deprecations.


const {
} = require('@primer/css/deprecations')