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Primer Components v6.0.0-beta

github.com · Nov 2

React Podcast #25: Make Brilliant Messes

reactpodcast.com · Oct 18

Chantastic talks to Diana and Emily about the story of design at Github, what role React will play in future systems, and what community tools that make their job easier....

Design Systems and React @ Zeit

youtube.com · Aug 12

Building design systems with React at GitHub

Details on <Details> @ Brooklyn JS

github.com · Jul 19

Mu-An from our Web Systems team talks about the real details on <details>.

Design Systems at GitHub

medium.com · Jul 6

A brief history of how the team grew, what we’ve been working on, and what’s next.

Design Details: #246 Cats & Design Systems

spec.fm · May 2

Diana and Brent dig into the tools and workflows they’ve developed when working on systems, what they’re excited about in design systems, and the technologies that are changing the way...

Design Better: from design silos to design system

Listen as Eli and Aarron chat with Diana about growing GitHub’s design system, Primer—and hear how a little-known vegetable became part of her personal brand.

Using Figma designs to build the Octicons icon library

blog.github.com · Apr 12

Recently our friends at Figma announced their new Figma platform, and we’ve been really excited about its potential. We’ve immediately put the platform to use with Octicons, our SVG icon...

Interaction of Color Systems @ CSSConf Australia

youtube.com · Apr 10

Diana shares her journey on working with color in design systems—one of the most contentious and critical elements of design, and a particularly challenging part of a design system. We’ll...

Shipping system fonts to GitHub.com

markdotto.com · Feb 7

Instead of showing decades old fonts that don’t take advantage of newer, high DPI screens, or dynamic font rendering, we now try to serve the best font possible based on...