Control all of your footer information via the footer variables within the Master slides.

The footer elements can be updated globally within your presentation in a matter of seconds! Just click the Variables slide within the Master Slides and change the Username, Presentation Name, and Presentation Note to your information, and everything will update in real time. Magic! 🧙🏽‍🔮

For more detailed instructions, see below.

Editing master slides

To edit the Master Slides you can do one of the following:

Click on View > Edit Master Slides in the menu bar at the top.Click View > Edit Master Slides in menu bar
Click on Edit Master Slide in the Inspector located on the right-hand side.Edit Master Slide in the Inspector

Editing the variables

1. Select the Variables slide on the Navigator* located on the left-hand side.
*If you do not see this menu, click View > Navigator.
Select the Variables slide
2. The variables can be easily edited by switching out the content in the right column of the table. If you'd like to leave a section blank, just add an empty space.The Variables slide
3. Editing the username, presentation name, etc. is very easy!Editing the variables is easy!
Any changes to the variables will show up instantly in both the Master slides and the slides in your presentationChanges show instantly in the slides in your presentation