Slide Types


Quotes are set up in two different layouts: left-aligned and centered.

Screenshot 2019-03-20 13 13 28

It is recommended that longer quotes be left-aligned and shorter quotes centered.


Celebratory reaction

Reaction slides use the GitHub reaction emojis to add a visual cue to a topic.


Charts can be easily added to any slide using the built in chart features in both Keynote and Google Slides.

Usage guidelines:

Add a chart with a white background to a black slide.Screenshot 2019-03-19 16 40 29
Use a white slide for charts with white backgrounds.Screenshot 2019-03-19 16 36 58

Charts in Keynote

To add a chart in Keynote click the Chart button button in the top toolbar.

To edit the data in the chart click the chart (if not already selected) and click the Edit Chart Data button. A small spreadsheet window will appear and you can copy/paste your data into the cells.

Charts in Google Slides

To add a chart in Google slides, click Insert > Chart and select the type of chart you would like to use.

If you already have your data in a specific Google Sheet, click From Sheets...

To edit the data in the chart, select the chart and click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner. Select Open Source and you will be moved to the Google Sheet containing the data for your chart. Within the Sheet, you can update values and customize the appearance of your Chart. To view any of the changes made to your chart and/or it's data, click Update to refresh the chart.