Forms in React

Action menu with selection

If the parent form control provides sufficient visual context, you may visually hide the label. However, you must specify text for a visually hidden label that is accessible to screen readers.

Primer React implementation


An autocomplete input renders a text input that allows a user to quickly filter through a list of options to pick one or more values.

Checkbox group

A set of checkboxes to let users make one or more selections from a short list of options

Form control

A form control renders a labelled input and, optionally, associated validation text and/or hint text.

Radio group

A set of radio inputs to let users make a single selection from a short list of options

Select dropdown

A select input may be used when a user needs to select one option from a long list

Primer React implementation


A text area is used to put multiple lines of text in an input

Primer React implementation

Text input

A text input is used to set a value that is a single line of text. See the list of types in the MDN docs.