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Highly reusable, flexible styles

Styles can be mixed and matched to achieve many different layouts, independent of their location.


npm i primer@latest

Install only the packages you need.


This package includes all 30 Primer modules from the core, product, and marketing packages


The core package contains modules that are shared between GitHub product and marketing websites


The product package contains modules that are used on GitHub product websites


The marketing package contains modules that are used on GitHub marketing websites

Primer ComponentsBETA

We’re building a React.js component library for Primer.

A better development experience with Atom

Install this custom Atom package to autocomplete classnames for Primer CSS and rails helpers for Octicons

Install packageGet Atom

apm install autocomplete-primer


Your project. GitHub’s icons.


Install the node.js or react.js package via npm to use with your JavaScript project

JavaScript docs

Install the Ruby gem, Rails helper, or Jekyll plugin to use in your project

Ruby docs

Use SVGs or Figma components in your design projects

Open in Figma

Open source

Primer is open-sourced on GitHub. Contributions and feedback are welcome!

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