Comparison table

Use the comparison table component to compare two products or features in a table format.
  • Experimental
  • Not reviewed for accessibility
import {ComparisonTable} from '@primer/react-brand'



Optional heading

A heading can be provided using the heading prop on the root <ComparisonTable>. This will render a heading at an appropriate size relative to the table, and present it accordingly.

For granular control over heading markup or appearance, we recommend using Heading.

By default, the first data column will be marked as featured. This is to draw attention to a particular product as the basis of a comparison against adjacent columns.

Use featuredColumn to alternate the highlighted column if needed.

Color customization

The default colors can be customized through dedicated CSS variables.


Dynamic data

Comparison tables are typically generated using data from an API or content management system.

ComparisonTable accepts ReactNode as a valid child, to facilitate conditional and dynamic rendering.

Minimal layout

ComparisonTable has an alternative visual presentation mode called minimal. This will display the data without the featured columns.

This variant is suitable for embedding into long-form content, or in situations where usage of on-screen color needs to be minimized.

Component props

ComparisonTable Required

childrenComparisonTable.Row, ComparisonTable.Cell, ComparisonTable.Footnotes, ReactNodeundefinedtrueValid children. Accepts ReactNode for conditional rendering.
headingstringundefinedfalseOptional heading that appears above table, preconfigured as a h3.
featuredColumnnumber1falseIndicates that the data column at the specified index is visually important and unique in relation to its adjacent cells, and will be styled accordingly.
variant"default", "minimal""default"falseApplies alternative presentation.

ComparisonTable.Row Required

The first row in a table is automatically styled as a table header row.

childrenComparisonTable.CellundefinedtrueCells (columns) to be displayed inside the row.

ComparisonTable.Cell Required

The first cell in a row is automatically styled as a header cell.

childrenReactNodeundefinedtrueContent to be displayed inside the column cell.


Optional node that appears below the table. This is useful for adding additional context or disclaimers.

childrenReactNodeundefinedtrueContent to be displayed inside the column cell.

id, className and ref are forwarded by default to all children.

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