Deprecation data

As of version 12.7.0, we publish CSS selector deprecation data with @primer/css. You can access the data via the Node API or as JSON.

Deprecation messages strings may include Markdown so that they can be included in the changelog.

Keep in mind that this data includes both active and planned deprecations. You can determine whether a CSS selector is deprecated for the version of @primer/css you've installed via the Node API, or by comparing the version of a selector deprecation with the installed version in your own environment.


The JSON data is available in the unpacked node module's dist/deprecations.json, and is an object with the following structure:

  • versions is an object whose keys are version numbers (e.g. 13.0.0) and values are deprecation messages: objects with a selectors array and a message:

    "versions": {
    "13.0.0": [
    "selectors": [".btn-purple"],
    "message": "Please don't make purple buttons."
  • selectors is an object mapping CSS selectors (e.g. .btn-purple) to the version in which they are or will be deprecated:

    "selectors": {
    ".btn-purple": {
    "version": "13.0.0",
    "message": "Please don't make purple buttons."


The Node API for selector deprecations is available at @primer/css/deprecations.

Note: Because we have chosen not to bundle any runtime dependencies with @primer/css, you will need to install the semver dependency yourself:

npm install semver


This is the object literal form of the JSON data's versions object. For instance, to list all of the deprecations:

const {versionDeprecations} = require('@primer/css/deprecations')
for (const [version, deprecations] of Object.entries(versionDeprecations)) {
console.log(`${version}: ${deprecations.length} deprecations`)


This is a Map object with keys for each CSS selector mapped to the deprecation info:

const {selectorDeprecations} = require('@primer/css/deprecations')
console.log(`Purple buttons are going away? ${selectorDeprecations.has('.btn-purple')}`)
// "Purple buttons are going away? true"

isSelectorDeprecated(selector[, version])

Returns true if the CSS selector will have been deprecated (removed) by the specified semver version.

const {isSelectorDeprecated} = require('@primer/css/deprecations')
console.log(`Purple buttons are bad? ${isSelectorDeprecated('.btn-purple')}`)
// "Purple buttons are bad? true"
console.log(`Primary buttons are bad? ${isSelectorDeprecated('.btn-primary')}`)
// "Primary buttons are bad? false"