Radio button is a form control for making a single selection from a short list of options.


Use a radio button in a radio group to allow users to select one option from a short list of options.

See the radio group guidelines for more information about usage.


Radio buttons have static dimensions and three different states when checked or unchecked: rest (default), focus, and disabled.

Best practices

  • A radio button may not be used on it's own: it must be rendered in a group of related radio buttons using a radio group.
  • Radio buttons cannot be unchecked, so only use radio buttons when a selection is required
  • An individual radio should not have its own validation message or style. Instead, show a validation message on the radio group. For more information, see the Validation Message section in the Forms documentation.
  • An individual radio button cannot be marked as required. Instead, make a selection required using the radio group. For more information, see the Required field indicator in the Forms documentation.


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