GitHub shared components

Application-specific components that are shared by GitHub feature teams but are not in Primer.

This information is only relevant to GitHub staff.

These components are shared design patterns by GitHub feature teams developing application-specific components. We encourage relying only on Primer components where possible, and not all patterns will be upstreamed to Primer.

They're shared with other teams by developing them as React components within the ui/packages/ monorepo. This monorepo, along with the larger monolith, provides a solid foundation with baseline configurations for linting, accessibility scanning using Axe, and Storybook previews.

Engineers building UI components should refer to the guidance on The Hub: Building reusable UI Components (only available to GitHub staff).

Shared components

GitHub shared components are documented in a private Storybook instance: ui/packages/ Storybook (only available to GitHub staff).

Please note that these components are owned by the feature teams, and will not exist in our Figma component library, Primer Web, unless they have been upstreamed into Primer.

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