Moving Away From Primer::LayoutComponent

This guide will show you how to upgrade from the now-deprecated Primer::LayoutComponent to the latest Primer::Alpha::Layout component.

Features and Examples

Primer::Alpha::Layout deprecates some arguments and also provides a few new capabilities.

The deprecated Primer::LayoutComponent configures sidebar width as an integer number of columns. With Primer::Alpha::Layout we set the sidebar width to one of :default, :narrow, or :wide. Those correspond to numbers that vary according to the layout's breakpoint; see the the component's documentation for specific breakpoint widths.

For example, to create a narrower sidebar:

<%= render( do |component| %>
<% component.with_main { "Main" } %>
<% component.with_sidebar(width: :narrow) { "Sidebar" } %>
<% end %>

Sidebar placement was previously limited to either :left or :right. We can still configure those, but we can also now configure whether the sidebar should be above or below the main content when breaking into row mode.

For example, suppose we previously had a sidebar on the left, and would like it to be above the main content when the page breaks into row mode.

With Primer::LayoutComponent we'd probably have something like this:

<%= render( :left)) do |component| %>
<% component.with_sidebar { "Sidebar" } %>
<% component.with_main { "Main" } %>
<% end %>

When migrating to Primer::Alpha::Layout we might try:

<%= render( do |component| %>
<% component.with_main { "Main" } %>
<% component.with_sidebar(col_placement: :start, row_placement: :start) { "Sidebar" } %>
<% end %>

To keep the sidebar below the main content, though, we could've set row_placement: :end, or hidden it entirely with row_placement: :none.

Reordering keyboard order

We might want to manually set the focus order for keyboard navigation for accessibility reasons. Under Primer::LayoutComponent we might reorder the components in the source, but Primer::Alpha::LayoutComponent can override that with the first_in_source argument, which can be either :main or :sidebar.

For example, to ensure that keyboard focus always visits the sidebar before the main content:

<%= render( :sidebar)) do |component| %>
<% component.with_main { "Main" } %>
<% component.with_sidebar { "Sidebar" } %>
<% end %>

Specific breakpoints to control responsiveness

Where previously Primer::LayoutComponent only offered responsiveness: true to enable a breakpoint, we can now be more specific by setting the stacking_breakpoint argument to one of :sm, :med, or :lg. Setting a larger breakpoint will cause the layout to shift into row mode on a wider screen.

For example, to retain columns on a smaller screen:

<%= render( :sm)) do |component| %>
<% component.with_main { "Main" } %>
<% component.with_sidebar { "Sidebar" } %>
<% end %>

Configurable gutter width

Primer::Alpha::Layout includes a new gutter argument to configure the width of the gutter between the sidebar and main content, which can be one of :none, :condensed, :default, or :spacious.

For example, to create an especially roomy gutter:

<%= render( :spacious)) do |component| %>
<% component.with_main { "Main" } %>
<% component.with_sidebar { "Sidebar" } %>
<% end %>


The following arguments are different between Primer::LayoutComponent and Primer::Alpha::Layout:

From Primer::LayoutComponentTo Primer::Alpha::LayoutNotes
responsivestacking_breakpointWhen to collapse from columns to rows. Previously a Boolean, now one of :lg, :med, or :sm.
n/afirst_in_sourceWhich element to render first in HTML, determining keyboard navigation order. Either :main or :sidebar.
n/agutterAmount of space between the sidebar and main section. One of :none, :condensed, :default, or :spacious.
siden/aWhich side should the sidebar be on? Previously either :right or :left, now handled by the col_placement and row_placement slots on the sidebar.
sidebar_coln/aWidth of the sidebar in columns. Now handled by the width slot on the sidebar.

The main and sidebar components also have some new, additional slots.

New on the main component:

  • width: One of :full, :xl, :lg, or :med. A :full width will stretch the main column to cover all available space.

New on the sidebar component:

  • width: One of :default, :narrow, or :wide. Replaces the deprecated Primer::LayoutComponent#sidebar_col argument.
  • col_placement: Sidebar placement in column mode. One of :start or :end. Use this in combination with row_placement to duplicate the functionality of the deprecated Primer::LayoutComponent#side argument.
  • row_placement: Sidebar placement in row mode. One of :start, :end, or :none.

Please see the following documentation for complete descriptions and examples.


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