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While we can define our own custom type styles at any time, we prefer to lean on system defaults. System defaults allow us to inherit an enormous amount of functionality for free: dynamic type sizes, bi-directionality, dark mode, voiceover, internationalization, and more.

Our Android app takes advantage of the Material Theming spec that allows us to use Inter as our default typeface, providing a more clear reading experience for interface text.

Type colors

There are currently six functional colors used in the mobile toolkit:

  • textPrimary
  • textSeconary
  • textTertiary
  • textPlaceholder
  • link

It is up to each designer's judgment, and through our critique process, to decide on the correct text values used for a screen. In general, for the primarytertiary values, these should map closely to the visual hierarchy or importance hierarchy of content on a screen.

Image showing a repo profile list item and how typographic hierarchy maps to colors

The link color will render a blue color, affording an actionable element on the screen (like button, or a link).

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