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Icons and illustration usage

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Follow these guidelines to best use GitHub icons and illustrations within a presentation. Approved visual assets are provided within the asset library.

Alter the illustrations
Combine images that use different stylings


Icons are used to show a visual association with different objects.

Icon pairing example with community pairing with a globe, learning with a lightbulb, virtual reality with a vr headset, and blockchain with lock surrounded by connected checkboxes in a circle

Replace icons (Keynote)


1. Open GitHub-keynote-icons.keyScreenshot 2019-03-18 13 35 39
2. Select icon and copychoose-icon
3. In your presentation, select your icon layout template (1-4 icons available)Select Layout
4. Select the icon you would like to replacereplace-icon-1
5. Pastereplace-icon-2

Replace icons (Google Slides)

Step 1: Choose your icon

Step 2: Add to slide

  • On slide, click placeholder icon
  • Click Replace Image > By URL
  • Paste URL copied from ghicons.github.com


There is a wide variety of illustrations that are available to use for your presentation. The Octodex is full of pre-approved Octocat illustrations. If you'd like to customize your own Octocat, use the Octocat Generator.

Need a specific illustration? Create an issue within the presentations repo.