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PowerPoint templates are available for download to the members of the GitHub organization on Google Drive.

Creating a new presentation

A new presentation can be created using either the .potx file or the .pptx file.

.potx vs .pptx: What's the difference?

First of all, both the .potx and the .pptx will open and create a new document.

The main difference is that a .potx is a template file which will create a new presentation with the presentation system theming (slides, colors, type) already in place. The .pptx on the other hand will just open like a normal file and you will have to Save a Copy or rename for your presentation.

Tip: The design systems team recommends using the template(.potx) file as this will start a fresh document with everything loaded right away. 😄

Installing the PowerPoint themes

To install, open a new document and open the Slide Master.Open Slide master
Click the Theme button to open the theme window.Click the theme button
At the bottom, click on Browse for Themes.Browse for Themes
Navigate to your github-presentation-system-powerpoint folderNavigate to your file

😕 Having trouble? Message us in #design-systems for assistance.

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