A Deckset theme of the GitHub presentation template is available for download for the members of the GitHub organization on Google Drive.


An example presentation is also provided to showcase various slide options when using the theme but please refer to the official Deckset help site for more detailed information.

How to use

  1. Download the assets
  2. Open Deckset and click File > Import Theme...
  3. Navigate to the GitHub Presentation Template - Deckset folder and select GitHub_Theme.dstheme
  4. Create your markdown presentation in Deckset! 🎉

Basic customization

Here is a basic set of commands that you can add to individual slides to customize your content:

[.background-color: #HEXVALUE]Changes the background color for an individual slide
[.hide-footer]Hides the footer for an individual slide
[.slidenumbers:true/false]Shows or hides the slide numbers for an individual slide.
[.code-highlight: LINE NUMBERS]Step through highlighted lines of code.

Learn more about customizing your slides on the Deckset help site.

😕 Having trouble? Message us in #design-systems for assistance.