Radio group

Radio group is used to render a short list of mutually exclusive options.


Use radio group to allow users to select a single option from a short list of related options.


A vertical orientation makes options easier to visually scan. A horizontal orientation is not yet supported.


Label: A title that labels the group of options and helps users understand the relationship between the options in the group

Required indicator: Indicates that a selection is required

Caption: May be used to provide additional context about the radio group when the label alone is not sufficient

Options: A list of mutually exclusive options represented using radio buttons

Validation message: A message explaining why the selection failed validation. See the form pattern documentation for more information on form validation patterns.

Best practices

  • Put radio buttons in a logical order
  • Only use a radio group for a short list of options: aim for 6 or less options. For longer sets of options, consider using a <select> input , an action menu, or an autocomplete input.
  • Radio buttons cannot be unchecked, so only use a radio group when a selection is required. Consider the following alternatives:
    • use a radio group, but with one option that equates to "none of these options"
    • use a checkbox group that fails validation if more than one option is selected
  • If there is an option that's the most likely option to be checked, that option should be checked by default


  • Once a user checks an option from a radio group, the result should not be saved or applied until the user has explicitly submitted their input using a "save" or "submit" button. A radio group is a single tab stop, and the options can be navigated using the arrow keys: this means assistive technologies like a screen reader cannot "read" an option without selecting it. See the saving pattern guidelines for more information.
    • Alternative: you can use a segmented control to immediately apply the selection as long as it's not in the context of a bigger form that applies other input values when submited
  • Radio groups must be labeled. The label may be visually hidden, but visible labels are preferred.

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