Use Truncate to shorten overflowing text with an ellipsis.

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Accessibility and usability expectations

This component is intended to show a truncated version of its content, with the option for the user to expand it to see the content in its entirety.

Built-in accessibility features

The component uses CSS to truncate text to a fixed size, with a title attribute – containing the full content of the component – that triggers a native browser tooltip when the component is hovered with the mouse. This means that currently, the component is not accessible to keyboard users, as there is no browser-native mechanism to show title tooltips when navigating with a keyboard.

As the truncation is done purely via CSS, screen reader users will be able to read the entire content of the component.

Implementation requirements

Due to the current shortcomings of this component, you should consider alternative ways to provide a shortened/truncated version of content.

The specific way to achieve this will depend on the context of what you are building. For instance, you could use a truncated version of the content in your actual markup, rather than relying on CSS to truncate content to a specific length. Then, provide the full content in a subsequent details view, or in a dialog that shows more information for an individual item. Alternatively, provide a toggle or user setting that allows users to switch all instances of truncated content to the full, non-truncated version of the content.

How to test the component

Integration tests

  • Whenever the truncated content is presented to the user, there is a way for users to see the content in full. This method must work for all users – including keyboard users.

Known accessibility issues (GitHub staff only)

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