How to contribute

We love contributions and are happy to support you.

How can you contribute

Currently only GitHub employees can contribute to Primer Web, due to how Figma handles open source files. To make changes you first need to create a branch from Primer Web and name it @username/changes-being-made. For example: @lukasoppermann/update-button-radius.

When you are satisfied with the changes you made, request a review from the direct responsible individual (DRI) of the file. If you are not sure who that is, reach out in the #primer-figma slack channel.

Once your branch is approved, a maintainer will take care of merging and publishing the changes to the library.

We use this process to make sure no accidental changes get added to the library. It also allows us to better track changes added by a branch. Think of it as a repo that does not allow direct pushes to the main branch.

Screenshot showing how to create a branch in figma
Select “Create branch...” from the dropdown or via the command palette
Screenshot showing the create branch dialog in figma
Name your branch “@username/changes-being-made”
Screenshot showing the request review option in figma
When you are done request a review to get your changes merged.
Screenshot showing the merge dialog in figma
Select the DRI for the file to review. Reach out in the internal #primer-figma channel if you are not sure who to add.
Screenshot showing the request review text dialog in figma
Add a detailed message describe what you changed and why.