Use Spinner to show users that an action is in progress.


A spinner is an indeterminate loading indicator, meaning it's best for cases where the progress or duration of a process is variable or unknown.

A spinner may be shown on it's own or paired with a loading message. Spinners may be used as a placeholder for loading content, or just as an indicator that some action is being processed.

More detailed guidance about designing for loading states can be found in our loading guidelines.



The size of the spinner can be adjusted. The medium (default) variant works best for most cases. The small variant is optimized for being displayed inline with loading text. The large variant works well for replacing entire regions or pages that are still loading.

Accessibility and usability expectations

Use the Spinner component to provide a visible loading indicator for situations where an asynchronous API call or process may take a moderate amount of time (between 1 and 3 seconds) – see Adapting to different wait times.

Built-in accessibility features

The component only provides a visual, animated spinner icon. This icon is not exposed to screen readers, as it's an <svg> without a role, aria-label, or any text content.

<svg height="32px" width="32px" viewBox="0 0 16 16" fill="none" class="Spinner__StyledSpinner…"></svg>

The spinner icon uses the default currentColor of its parent container. Unless authors specifically override the default colors, the icon meets minimum color contrast requirements on the canvas default white background.

Implementation requirements

Do not rely solely on the Spinner component as a loading indicator, as it currently isn't exposed to screen readers, and has no built-in announcement.

Only use it as part of a fully realised solution (including aria-live notifications) for conveying loading/processing states. Refer to the loading guidelines for more details.

How to test the component

Integration tests

  • The component only provides a visual indicator, and passes color contrast. Additional solutions are required (such as the use of aria-live notifications in our loading guidelines) to convey the loading state for screen reader users.

  • If you are using custom colors, verify that the spinner's "spinning" section meets the minimum color contrast requirement of 3:1 against the background it's presented on

Component tests

  • The component renders an <svg> element without any text content (as otherwise this would be announced by screen readers)

Known accessibility issues (GitHub staff only)

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